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Engineering Plans

Accountability for projects, opinions, and output lies with the employees themselves.  Rewards for good ideas are granted based solely on merit, regardless of employee position or title.  We believe a meritocratic environment fosters positive culture and engagement, and breeds success in those individuals who seek out the opportunity to excel.


Team members are accorded the license to experiment, create data-driven solutions and innovate processes.  Critical thinking is encouraged as a means to challenge the status quo.  CaaS believes in a flat corporate structure; one wherein an entrepreneurial spirit is highly valued, and ideas are equally weighted across the team.  

Traditional Library

CaaS is committed to providing an open and respectful environment where discussion is encouraged.  Friendly debates are not only welcome but are a key component to continually evolving and bettering our business model, our culture, and our performance overall.  Our workplace is diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and experience.

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