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When was CaaS Capital Management Founded?

CaaS Capital Management was founded in 2019 and began operations in January of 2020.


Who is the founder of CaaS Capital Management?

Frank Fu is the Founder of CaaS Capital Management.


Where is CaaS Capital Management headquartered?

CaaS is headquartered in New York City with an office centrally located in midtown Manhattan.


What does CaaS stand for?

CaaS means “Capital as a Service” and represents CaaS’ commitment to supporting its business partners.


What is the focus of CaaS Capital Management?

CaaS’ foundation is rooted in the Equity Capital Markets (ECM) ecosystem.  CaaS’ mission is to remove friction from the capital markets, thereby helping corporate executives focus on building their businesses and creating shareholder value.


What is the Equity Capital Market?

The Equity Capital Market broadly encompasses the arena wherein companies raise equity capital. ECM includes private placements, IPOs, marketed follow-on offerings, and block trades.


What is the ECM ecosystem?

The ECM ecosystem is the intersection of corporates, investment bankers and investors all working together to provide financing for companies to achieve their goals of raising capital. CaaS is deeply engrained in the ECM ecosystem, assisting with price discovery, timing, sizing and execution of IPOs, follow-ons, private placements, and secondary transactions.


In which regions does CaaS Capital Management make investments?

CaaS is a global investment manager with investments across APAC, EMEA and North America.


What products does CaaS Capital Management invest in?

CaaS is primarily focused on equities but invests across the capital structure.


How do I become an investor of CaaS Capital Management?

For investor inquiries, please contact


How can I best contact someone at CaaS Capital Management?

For general inquiries, please contact


How can I apply for a job at CaaS Capital Management?

For job opportunities, please refer to our LinkedIn or Careers pages.

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