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invests across all regions, industries and capital structures. CaaS feels strongly in providing liquidity — Capital as a Service — to our partners and pursues this objective with great vigor and energy. CaaS uses a unique combination of fundamental and quantitative inputs when making investment decisions. CaaS believes in transparent communication and a commitment to our partners. We strive to create long-term relationships with our partners who share our vision.


Our Principles

Commitment to our Investors - Open and transparent communication are key tenets of the CaaS culture and our investors are top of mind. We strive to create long-term partnerships with investors who share our vision of financial markets.

Commitment to our Trading Partners - By providing liquidity, we enable our trading partners to serve their customers in an ever-changing regulatory environment. By shifting risk from our trading partners to CaaS, we put our trading partners in a position to serve their clients. 

Commitment to our Employees - We believe our people differentiate CaaS. We strive to create an environment where our employees are regularly challenged, rewarded, trained and empowered to have a significant impact and add value.


Our Approach

Fundamental – We perform deep-dive fundamental analysis. We typically look for companies that will benefit from access to incremental capital in order to strengthen their competitive positioning. We look for companies operating in growing markets and led by either seasoned management teams or young hungry entrepreneurs. We narrow down our analysis to key factors that can be discerned and observed. We dissect the business model until we have conviction that it is robust, scalable and resilient.  Last but not least, our entry points need to be attractive.

Quantitative – We select our companies based on traits similar to other great companies before them and choose our entry points at events that we tested and believe to be favorable. We emphasize on understanding the factor exposure of our portfolio. Our models guide us to minimize frictional cost in our hedging and derivative transactions.

Combining the two – Our deep fundamental analysis is supported by extensive quantitative modeling. Our investment team focuses time only on  companies with a high probability of success and our portfolio is constructed to minimize factor risk and frictional transaction cost. None of the above can be achieved without combining the diligence of our investment team and the models and infrastructure developed by our quantitative team.



We are always looking for talented candidates. Please see our LinkedIn page for current postings.

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