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CaaS Capital Management is a single family office. By utilizing meticulous risk controls and diversification, we adeptly navigate the ever-evolving market landscape.  Our overarching objective is to cultivate mutually advantageous relationships among all our stakeholders, including the founding family, employees, external partners, and portfolio companies all while remaining true to our family's core values of effecting positive change in the world through our investment endeavors.

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Trader Incubator

Built upon our prior life in hedge fund management, we hold a firm belief in the inherent value of investment talent. We strategically allocate capital both internally and externally to leverage the alpha generated by managers employing both fundamental and quantitative investment strategies. Central to our approach is the conviction that we can nurture promising individuals into adept investment managers capable of generating alpha.

Venture Capital

We invest in a diverse array of private companies, separate from our trader incubator. Our core belief centers on the enduring value of partnering with high-quality founders over the long term, which we view as the most potent source of alpha in the market. We commit ourselves to becoming steadfast partners, dedicated to accompanying them on their journey for the long haul.


CaaS, an acronym for 'Capital as a Service,' embodies our vision to optimize the impact of the family's capital for the betterment of those in our community. Beyond financial resources, we offer our extensive network, wealth of experience, and specialized knowledge to our partners. Our ultimate aim is to catalyze positive change on a global scale.

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