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Hands in the Soil

Trader incubator

Investing in People

CaaS operates as a nurturing grounds for emerging traders. We firmly believe that investment prowess is cultivated through a combination of the right mindset, comprehensive training, and exposure to diverse market scenarios. Many of our traders come to us without prior experience in equity trading. With our help, they leverage their technological acumen and innate passion for investing to craft lucrative trading strategies. However, this transformation is not instantaneous; it requires years of dedication and resilience in the face of setbacks. At CaaS, we invest in our people, offering them the necessary support and resources to refine their trading philosophies over time.

Our Approach

When comes to trading strategies, there is no one-size-fit-all. Here we describe our general approach

1. Observe

Team members keenly observe market inefficiencies and experiment with various evaluation methods.

3. Validate

CaaS provides initial capital to validate the efficacy of investment strategies in real-world conditions.

2. Test

Hypotheses are rigorously tested using extensive data, ranging from millions of high-frequency historical ticks to a select few occurrences of similar market events.

4. Deploy

The seed capital gradually grows to scale as the strategy demonstrates its capacity for success over time.

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